2017 Dec 17th Open Show / Special Event

(Lach Dennis Village Hall)


Special Event Mr Rob Wimbush [critique]


Best Special Event & Best Junior - Lanfrese Limelight

Best Special Puppy Berwynfa Zoom Zoom Shu Boom

BOS Puppy Chribanna Atreyu for Bellebox BOS Junioe Winuwuk Danny Mac





PD 6-8mths

1              Chribanna Atreyu for Bellebox

2              Koppernox Film Star

3              Berwynfa Dilyding Dilydong

4              Yeteb Hey Diddle Diddle

PB 6-8mths

1              Berwynfa Boom Boom Shu Boom

2              Yeteb Little Miss Muffet

3              Berwynfa Wizza Dora

PD 8-10mths

1           Newlaithe Diddle On

2           Olleyville James Dean

PB 8-10mths

1             Caljan Naughty Sort

2             Newlaithe Wandara


PD 10-12mths


PB 10-12mths

1 Mylicam Magic Moments

JD 12-15mths


JB 12-15mths

1            Lanfrese Limelight

2              Sunvalley Careless Heart at Jeddhi

3              Lanfrese Calvaro

4              Bellebox Top Trick

5              Joru Sealed with a Kiss for Galacticos 

JD 15-18mths 

1            Winuwuk Danny Mac

2            Beauimres First Officer at Roylark

3            Sashbob Le Sorcerer

JD 15-18mths

1 Winuwuk Spice Girl 




Open Show Mrs Sue Burnett [critique]


Best Bitch & Best in Show  Winuwuk Brief Affair


Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show Beauimres First Officer at Roylark


Reserve Best Dog Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorrosa


Reserve Best Bitch Winuwuk Spice Girl


Best Puppy in Show - Berwynfa Dilyding Dilydong



Dogs Bitches


1 Manic Countdown at Ludic

2 Beautiful Day for Daervlish JW

3 Twrcymru A Knockin Bett JW




1                    Berwynfa Dilyding Dilydong

2                    Koppernox Film Star

3                    Yeteb Hey Diddle Diddle

4                    Olleyville James Dean

5                    Cribanna Atreyu for Bellebox


1.                Caljan Naughty Sort

2.                Berwynfa Zoom Zoom Shu Boom

3.                Yeteb Little Miss Muffet

4.                Berwynfa Wizza Dora

5.                Chribanna Amethyst Shower


1              Newlaithe Diddle On



1              Mylicam Magic Moment

2              Newlaithe Wandara


1               1 Beauimres First Officer at Roylark

2               2 Winuwuk Danny Mac

3               3 Sashbob Le Sorcerer



1              Lanfrese Limelight

2              Sunvalley Careless Heart at Jeddhi

3              Joru Sealed with a Kiss for Galacticos



1              Olleyville Stanley Man

2              Kizzylee Olly Furs at Bantambox


1 Winuwuk Brief Affair

2 Berwynfa Tick A Te Boo



1 Winuwuk Spice Girl

2 Bellebox Top Trick

3 Lanfrese Suits Newlaithe

4 Newlaithe Milion to One Treju





1 Joru Guilty Pleasure

2 Lullmire Rebel Rebel at Kallinika



1              Lullmire Aaron Dayvue at Susancar

2              Casual Affair with Faerdorn



1               Sunvalley Touching Wood at Tyslee

2              Daervlish Do You Feel Loved

3              Lorrosa Lusty Pleasure

4              Newlaithe Gingernut JW


1 Sandcliffe Cruising at Lanfrese

2 Manic Heart Breaker

3 Stellvana One Direction to Caljan


1        1 Lanfrese Chin Chin

2              Manic Heart of Glass



1 Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorrosa

2 Newlaithe Bug On JW

3 Stothard Pure Didly Dokely JW


1                 Britesparke Luna Moonbug

2                 Geenawell Razmataz for Norwilbeck Bellchime

3                 Winuwuk Girl Power